NASA Releases New Footage Of The Moon

NASA has just released new imaging data from the moon's south pole—the area they believe to be best suited for future landings and even colonisation. Gathered from a 70-metre radar dish, scientists assembled a precise topographical map of a 640 by 400 km area (we're not certain how much of that we see here). In the first video (above), NASA recreated a day passing on that spot by adding shadow detail to their model. (It looks neat, we promise.)

But to see what it would look like to actually land there, check out their second video:

Even with some of NASA's cheesier image effects, it's pretty freaking cool that we can see the real terrain where we would land...if we were only lucky enough to have grown up to be astronauts (though baseball players might have been nice, too). [NASA via io9]

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