NASA Lunar Chariot Tested by NYT Earthling (Verdict: Best Rims in Outer Space)

NASA's Lunar Chariot, which costs a reported US$2 million to build, has just been tested by the NYT. The top speed of 24 kph may not set tarmac on fire, but it sure as hell can burn a truckload of astro stuff, all with it's six-wheeled wackiness trailing closely behind. The front driving "turret" houses the primary control; a joystick for steering, as well as various cameras and sensors, the feedback of which is relayed to the onboard screen. John Schwartz, the NYT reporter sent out to run the test, didn't get to drive the buggy itself, but he was offered the passenger's seat / stand, and here's what he made of it.

Lunar NASA 1 GI.jpgChariot_Lunar_Rover.jpg610x.jpg217392main_jsc2008e017832_hi.jpg217391main_jsc2008e017825_hi.jpg217372main_jsc2008e017833.jpg

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