Multimedia Watch Makes Wrist Mounted Accessories Useful (Almost)

The day when the watch is once again a useful piece of technology is looming over us. For proof, check out Chinavasion's Multimedia Watch, which packs in a 1.8-inch LCD (160 x 128), voice recorder, in-built loudspeaker, 8GB flash, as well as support for pretty much every media codec ever conceived. (AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, MP3, WMA, JPEG and the list goes on.)

MWC P3 GI.pngMWC P2 GI.pngMMW P1 GI.png

The E-book reader function will ensure you need to wear spectacles within a week's usage, while the earphone jack will save your eyes and let you rock out to your stored tunes. Video plays back at 20 fps, so you really couldn't get any good viewing done, but V3.0 of the Multimedia Watch is going to be mega for sure. [Chinavasion via Geekalerts]

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