Morgan Hydrogen Fuel-Cell LifeCar from Concept To Shiny Reality

The guys over at Jalopnik had a chance to get up close and personal with the Morgan LifeCar hydrogen fuel-cell prototype at the Geneva Motorshow, and boy does it look like an awesome chunk of eco-sport goodness. You can see in the gallery just how close the real deal matches the design sketches.


Morgan is putting together the LifeCar to demonstrate that eco-friendly vehicles can still be fun to drive and desirable. To this end, that sleek art-deco chassis is designed to be ultra light, with sound eco-credentials without sacrificing performance. It even incorporates features like regenerative braking to claw back wasted energy, which helps shrink down the engine and fuel system and still retain a 200-mile range. Combine the performance and eco-friendliness with luxury details like hand-stitched leather and a wooden-rimmed steering wheel, and suddenly going green doesn't sound so Prius-y. Let's just hope we can save enough for the presumably enormous price. [Jalopnik]

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