Monks Sign Universal Record Deal Thanks to YouTube, Probably God Too

Holy Easter YouTubes! In what many would see as an Unholy Alliance between God and Satan, a group of monks from the Heiligenkreuz Abbey, in the Wienerwald region of Austria, have signed a worldwide music album contract with Universal Music. The label executives found out about the Cistercian monks' talent—who are the guards of a relic of the True Cross handed by Leopold V of Austria in 1188— thanks to YouTube. And indeed, they rock. If you are into Gregorian chant, that is:

Heiligenkreuz_Ecclesia.jpgAccording to the BBC, Universal executive Tom Lewis said that "these guys found about the competition through a friend of theirs in London and they sent a link of their monastery and of them singing on YouTube. It was beautiful, beautiful music and they're using the very latest in terms of communication devices available to them to get their music heard."

The addition of the monks to Universal artist roster, which include Amy Winehouse, BB King or the Black Eyed Peas, are good news for the monks, who like the idea of having their music heard by millions worldwide, and is better than the alternative, which was having Eminem leaving Universal and joining the monastery. [BBC News and Wikipedia]

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