Miu HDPC Does Linux and Windows in All-in-One Package

Yes, you will have seen slimmer UMPCs, but probably not one quite so feature-packed as the new Miu Hybrid Dual PC. The Dual bit comes from its dual-boot options of XP plus WinCE 5.0 or linux Qplus. It earns its Hybrid label by being a mobile phone, navigation device, PMP, electronic dictionary, internet phone, voice recorder, games machine, mobile IPTV device and digital camera. We reckon that list of functions at least partly excuses its 0.96-inch depth. More details and gallery after the jump.

The HDPC has a 800 x 480 pixel four-inch LCD, two 1W speakers, QWERTY keyboard, touchpad and game controllers. It even fits in a 30GB or 60GB HDD (with the option of a 4GB SSD) alongside a slew of ports including USB2.0 and PS2 mouse/keyboard connector. Add in 802.11b/g, maximum 4GB RAM, Bluetooth 2.0, webcam and a five megapixel camera and you're getting a pretty full-featured PC, though of course we're not sure how it handles in-use.

You'd think the battery life would suffer running all that, plus its Via processor (500MHz or 1GHz), but the reported life is 7 hours at "high power" or an impressive 90 hours at low power settings. This multi-use gadget really does fall down on size, measuring 6.4 x 2.6 x 0.96 inches and weighing pounds, so it's a pocket-stretcher. But it's not a wallet-stretcher: it's available from July for between US$400 and US$500 in Korea, no idea though if it'll make it across. [Aving]


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