Microsoft's LucidTouch Transparent Touchscreen Device Gets All Mocked Up

Naturally, when we first laid our eyes on the LucidTouch prototype from Microsoft back in October, we were intrigued by the transparent multi-touch interface that allows users to control the device from behind the screen. Now, 5 months later, Microsoft has unveiled some artist mock-ups of what the device could look like as a final product. When compared to the prototype, it's readily apparent that they have a long way to go (especially with that bulky camera), but at least it is still an ongoing project. Whether users will prefer the UI to a traditional touchscreen remains to be seen. Continue reading to see a gallery of the LucidTouch. [LucidTouch via Pocket-Lint via DVICE]

Using Warcraft III (hot fingers)Using Map ScaleUsing MacOS Word (finger in display)

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