Matroshka Living Concept: 43 Square Feet of Furniture is All You Need

During my last move I took great pleasure in purging my home of items that were doing nothing but taking up space. There is something very liberating about a style that is minimalist and compact—which is why this Matroshka living concept is so interesting. Taking a page from the Casuo apartment in a box, the Matroshka packs a whole lot into a small space. In fact, you can fit an L-shaped sofa, double bed, dinner table, four stools, total seating for 12, a home office workspace, wardrobe and storage in only a 43 square foot area.

As mentioned, the Matroshka is only a concept at the moment, but the designers are working hard to make their dream into a reality. If it does ever see the light of day, it could be a big hit with people who live in cramped city apartments. Plus, since it is capable of seating 12, you may actually be able to do a little entertaining. [Matroshka via NOTCOT via Treehugger]

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