Kevin Rose Eats Funny Red Pills Again, Predicts iPhone 3G

After being absolutely wrong wrong wrong (WRONG) about the first iPhone, Digg's Kevin Rose has now settled down for the obvious: he says that the 3G version of the JesusPhone will have a camera on the front for video-conferencing with other 3G iPhone and Macintosh iChat users. Most probably, he is right about this, but not about the rest of his predictions:

Kevin also said that Apple has restricted background-running applications because they don't want competition to iChat from third-party applications made using the SDK. The fact is that, if they wanted to ban any direct competition to their own applications, they will simply not approve them for publication and get done with it, without affecting any other developer.

The truth, however, is much simpler than that: Apple hasn't hidden the fact that they are setting this limit to guarantee a flawless user experience, so the core functions of the iPhone are never affected by applications stealing CPU cycles in the background. And that's the whole story, really. applications will still be able to run in the background, like many do right now (like Apollo.)

But regarding the video conference, yes, he's probably right. It's logical to expect this from Apple. In fact, most probably the 3G iPhone will have videoconferencing with any other 3G-based video-conferencing mobile phone out there, because they use the same h.264 encoding that iChat uses.

In other news, completely drunk sources report that Drew Curtis was heard saying that the next iPhone will be "really shiny." [Diggnation]

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