iTune Store Private Page Shows Unidentified iThingy

iTunes will offer private developer pages, which will host app stores for a select audience only; e.g. specialized for universities etc. Some of the pages have already been opened to those select individuals with audio and video content on offer. One such example is the Education First Educational Tours site the above picture was taken from. The site hosts an interesting, teeny-weeny image showing an iPod/iPhone hybrid type device, which seems to have a home button built in to the dock connector. What is it? We cannot say, but with all the fuss it is generating on the tubes, we thought we'd let you take a peek. Jump for a shot of the original page.

itunesprivate.jpgWe would not get too hot under the collar. If Apple were planning to drop an iPhone nano touch OMFG pod, you can bet your ass they would have an event bigger than CES to unleash it to the public. [iLounge]

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