Is This the Intel Netbook?

Tech Corner claims these are photos of the upcoming Intel Netbook (not to be confused with its stationary Nettop counterpart) that runs Windows XP Pro "like a champ." The small, low-cost device is said to be Intel's education-centric answer to products like the Asus Eee PC and OLPC. Judging by the photos and Tech Corner's writeup, the laptop is about 10-inches in size with a 9-inch screen, under 3 pounds, has 512 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD and standard internet connections. But there are a couple of info bits that don't quite line up with previous reports.

Tech Corner claims the Netbook uses a 900 MHz Celeron processor and would sell for around $400. This contradicts reports that the upcoming Netbooks would be using the Intel Atom Diamondville processor and fall between the $250-$300 price range. However, claims of a June 2008 launch do seem to line up with those same reports.

Looking at it's design, there's a handle attached to the back of the device, which looks a bit stupid. But if it's for the classroom, I guess we shouldn't care. And for a budget notebook, it looks pretty decent otherwise. We'll see come mid-year if this really is Intel's Netbook. [Flickr via Tech Corner]

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