Is Microsoft Fixing Their Broken Xbox Live DRM?

By now you have probably heard about or experienced the issue Microsoft has with its broken Xbox Live DRM. Basically, gamers who purchased content on Live found that the downloads ceased to function properly after their original console bit the dust. If a tip from a Consumerist reader is correct, Microsoft may be in the process of fixing this issue.

It took 32 days, but Microsoft eventually solved the problem by re-licensing the old content to the users new Xbox 360 serial number. However, keep this in mind—he did get the usual runaround until specifically asking support for the points to re-download his content. It was only then that he was offered the re-licensing option. Personally, I think it is a lot of bs to go through (you should have to wait 32 days for anything) but it did work—and that is a step in a positive direction. [Consumerist Photo via Milkham]

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