Inventions Don't Get Much Crappier or Unsettling Than the KissPhone

The KissPhone has a big, awkward mouth on it. When you kiss it, it then sends the speed, pressure, temperature and "sucking force" of your lips to your partner's KissPhone where they can receive a facsimile of your kiss from afar. It's pretty much the worst idea I've ever seen.

Not that I'm not romantic, but sucking face with my goddamned mobile in public isn't the best way to express love that I can imagine. Can you imagine seeing someone passionately making out with their phone on the street? Awkward. Not to mention the germs that would coat this thing within a week of use.

Also, this thing looks like it could malfunction and take off a chunk of lip, which would be an embarrassing facial scar to have to explain for the rest of your life. But hey, you can "receive kiss from a kiss bank as the one from Madonna or from an imaginary Hero!" Nevermind, what a great idea! I'm sure Madonna, clearly the hippest and most current superstar inventor George Koussouros could come up with, would be happy to have a kiss of hers stored in the kiss bank. The future is now! [SlipperyBrick via Geekologie]

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