International Dance Party: Instant Disco in a Box Creates Infinite Party Loop

The International Dance Party looks like an unassuming flight box. But as soon as its radar detects people dancing, its motorised face drops to reveal two speakers running 600 watts of the world's best unfiltered Eurohouse and other assorted Electro Boogie. There's an LED sign that displays a message in 20 languages: That message is simply "Dance." And the more intense the party gets, the greater the effects, eventually culminating in a light show with disco ball, siren, ground effects and fog, creating an infinite loop of more fog, more techno, more siren, and therefore more dancing, and then the radar picks it up and then you've got more disco, and then more fog, and then more techno, and then more dance I'm so tired I can't stop partying my legs won't stop feeling the beat. After everyone collapses, the box returns to its docile flight case status. But really, it's hard to explain how incredible this machine is, unless you watch the video:

International Dance Party! The full length video of this crazy and funny party machine! from Niklas Roy on Vimeo.

[IDP via Make, I love Jonah for sending this to me.]


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