I Do. Um, No Wait. I Mean, I’ll Be Back…

I Do. Um, No Wait. I Mean, I’ll Be Back…
wedding gadgets.jpg

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times over the past few weeks, but I’m off getting married next week. There’s sure to be a lack of wedding gadgets at the reception, but I’ll hopefully be making up for it on the honeymoon with a whole heap of underwater cameras.

Sadly, that will mean that I’ll be offline for the next three weeks. But never fear Gizmodians! I’m absolutely stoked to announce that while I’m away, the team from BRAN will be guest editing your favourite gadget site. If you’re not familiar with BRAN, make sure you click the link and check out their Podcast – it should be part of every gadget fan’s weekly diet.

So, wish me luck! When I get back, I’ll be working even harder to make Giz AU even better, with even more competition, news, features and reviews.

Cheers all. See you in three weeks.