How Dirty and Gross Is Your Tech Gear?

I was working on my 24-inch iMac today when I noticed my cursor moving a little bit erratically. I didn't know what was wrong. The computer is almost new, I haven't installed anything recently, and the mouse itself looked ok, as you can see in the photo above. Then I turned it around to discover the true meaning of the words disgoostingly grossirrific:


Obviously, the reason my table is so clean is because the mouse has been absorbing all the crap around—hair, dust, sweat and more hair—to form these four disgusting patches interconnected with head hair. Check the gallery for high definition pictures showing all the crap in painful detail.


After cleaning it, the mouse worked perfectly again, so my guess is that some of the hairs were getting in the way of the laser and making the cursor jump. This got me wondering: can anyone else's mouse be as disgusting as this? What about the rest of their tech gear?

And then I remembered the dead fly inside the clear plastic Apple Cinema Display 22. And the dust and hair inside the original translucent iMacs. And the rotten beigeness and crap on the keyboard of my original Compaq LTE laptop or the stains and ash on Addy's old Fukitsu (sic) mini-notebook.

The question for you today is: is your keyboard full of hair of dubious origins? Bitten nails perhaps? Any unidentifiable insect inside your box? How dirty and gross is your tech gear?

Send us your vomit-inducing photos to [email protected] We will do a gallery with them and post it (with prior warning, so that anyone of a faint disposition can avoid it like the plague.)

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