Guy Robots Are Beautiful Junk (and Expensive Too)

Ranging between US$500 and US$1,500, the little fellas of the Guy Robots project are part art, and all junk and heart. According to their creator, they do not walk or talk or give legal advice, won't harass your pets, emit ozone or pinch. Electro, the ready-for-anything direct current commando bot pictured here, likes folk dancing, and is proud of his infrared vision amongst other things. I reckon this is the nerd's version of going to pick a dog from the hound pound. More descriptions and gallery after the jump.

There's Euclid, who uses his antennae to converse with whale pods, spot welder Shock is a believer in pet neutering and Slim who, like me, is a reptile taxidermist who spends his spare time playing backgammon, doing macramé and Russian literature. Buff-yet-dumb Gyro is a hard worker who once removed the lug nuts from every car in the Yankee Stadium's car park. And then there's Mitch, who suffers from lower back pain, and Konrad, who's currently in therapy.

All of the figures, which range between six and 20 inches, are made from reclaimed items from places as diverse as aerospace and avionics surplus suppliers, scrapyards and long-haul microwave equipment recyclers. And then there's the stuff just found on the street. [Guy Robot via swissmiss]


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