Gigabyte's Cool Rain Memory Cooler Was Blade Runner Prop in Past Life

OK, Gigabyte's Cool Rain Memory Cooler was never featured in Blade Runner, but just look at it. Surely, it must be the most awesome way to bring some cool to your memory. Using a water based cooling system, the Cool Rain unit, which we mentioned earlier, can accommodate memory in dual channel form, has a radiator that flips open, uses two heat spreader units that ensure efficient cooling and also has an obligatory blue LED, which gives that futuristic look we wished our sneakers would have. (Yes, L.A Lights rocked.) The Cool Rain unit supports both single and dual sided RAM, while the ultra slim pump and water tank add to its unnecessarily showy design. Naturally, we'd let Gigabyte's Cool Rain fill our memories with watery cooling events any day. [Newlaunches]

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