Germany Titanic Doomsday Bunker Is Groovy, Surprisingly Not Full of Nazis

Here's where the West German political elite was planning to spend nuclear winter, drinking Martinis and having toga parties after armageddon, waiting to see who emerged victorious from a worldwide thermonuclear war: a gigantic nuclear bunker with 17 kilometers of tunnels equipped with all kinds of commodities.

Judging from the huge subterranean structure's facilities, filled with a mixture of grey machinery and bright 60s designer decor, they planned to spend the long time after absolute destruction in style. They had it all: lounges, emergency broadcast station, laundromats, dental care and even hairdressers (for the upcoming giant rat Earth overlords, I guess.)

The US$4-billion Cold War monstrosity has just been declassified by the German government. Hopefully, they will reconvert it to a Halo 3 playground. [Der Spiegel]


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