Factron Quattro iPod nano Case is the Real Full Metal Jacket

Mizumori Ado's exclusive iPod nano case, called the Factron Quattro, sure as hell has the street cools about it, but unfortunately, it looks like its going to be a limited run in Japan only. The designer, Mizumori Ado used a full aluminium construction to match the iPod nano's housing, and we have to say, the Factron Quattro is the only way to protect your fat PMP. After all, the hefty clunker sure does have a tough time getting in and out of pockets and bags without scratching itself. Available in green, red, silver or gold and with the option of various scrawled patterns adorning the rear face plate, the case does look quite unique. No pricing details are available, but we'd guess you'll be paying a pretty penny if you are able to get Mr Importer on the case. [Akihabara News]

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