Exploding iPod Nano Starts Non-Nano Sized Blaze

A user at Niketalk forums posted up these images of an iPod nano that went up in smoke this morning. The forum user, MJair was awoken at 2AM by the fire alarm going off. On a quick panicked inspection of the room, an "orange glow" near his PS3 was seen. That orange glow was nothing less than a fire, approximately 30cm wide, which was said to be rapidly spreading. Checkout more images of the nano wreckage below.


Luckily, neither MJair or his PS3 were harmed, but the source of the fire seems to have been his first gen iPod nano. Unfortunately, the nano was not as robust as the iPhone that took on a semi, meaning its thin, MP3 playing days are now truly up. Unless we want to go the way of the nano, we really should replace the batteries in our own fire alarm. [Niketalk; Thanks, Vince]

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