Digital/Analog Clock Does Digital Time with Physical Display

Design student Alvin Aronson has rethought our interaction with digital timepieces by making a robotic LED/LCD display, with parts that slide in and out to form numerals. So, really its more a "physical digital" clock, rather than properly analogue, but you get the point. Once you see the video of it gently transitioning its display between two time states, you'll be just as filled with gadget lust as we are.

Alvin apparently built his one-off mashup device from Corian and wood, using custom electronics to drive those digital segments with servos. Awesome, isn't it? The only issue we foresee is that you'd get so captivated by the slow zen-like time changes that you'd watch the clock, rather than get on with whatever it was you should be doing. [Vvork via Technabob]

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