DigiArt i90 Camera-PMP Combo Frees Pockets From Multiple Gizmos

Out first in Korea (where else?) Digix's Picto DigiArt i90 is one of those crazy-sounding convergence gadgets. Combine a seven megapixel camera and PMP in one case, and you save people from carrying several gizmos, or so the idea goes.

Mind you, the camera sounds okay for holiday snaps, with 3x optical zoom, some sort of "Image Stabilizing Helper" and video at 30 fps maximum resolution 740 x 480 pixels. It's also able to shoot up to ISO1000, and has a nine megapixel interpolated mode. With a 3-inch LCD screen, MP3 player, video playback (unknown formats), voice recording and SD memory slot, the whole thing squeezes into a pretty slim 0.7-inch deep package. Costs around US$185, but we've no idea if it'll be available worldwide.

Now: choose between a strange combo gadget or bulging pockets with dedicated, but good, gadgets? Personally, I'd go for the latter. [Aving]

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