Dead Dog Sweaters May Not Be the Best Way to Remember Your Pets

Beth and Brian Willis really loved their dogs Kara and Penny. They were very sad, understandably, when they died. What did they do to remember them? Frame a photo of their beloved pups? No, that's too normal for these two. They decided to make sweaters out of the fur of their dead pets. Yes, I said sweaters out of their dead dogs.

The horrifying and ugly sweaters were made by gathering "thousands of dog hairs from brushes and carpets," which makes you wonder how often they vacuumed their house. Apparently, they're quite warm and waterproof in addition to being so goddamned creepy. And they have enough fur left over for a jumper, which is currently being made.

Taking the concept to its logical conclusion, the couple plans to have their skin made into fashionable hats for their children when they die. It's the circle of life! [BBC via Treehugger]

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