Cybernet ZPC-GX31, a PC in a Keyboard-Sized Case

Ok, we understand that a small form-factor PC like Cybernet's ZPC GX31 would really suit some user's needs: on a cramped shop counter-top perhaps. We even kinda admire that this gizmo squeezes in a full PC (up to Core 2 Quad CPU, Intel graphics, optical drive, HDD, up to 4GB RAM) and standard I/O ports into a "zero footprint" box that's like a chunky keyboard. Hell, it even has a touchpad and memory card slots. But we wonder: surely the world has moved on from Commodore 64-like design? Yuck, yuckity yuck. If it actually floats your boat, it's fully customizable and costs from US$699 to US$1099. [Cybernetman via Chipchick]


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