Crocs Now Making Shoe-Themed Mobile Phone Holsters

Hooray, you can now buy Crocs for your mobile! Ok, so the Crocs "O-Dial" [sic]is actually a shoe-themed mobile holster, but it is official. Quite why your phone would enjoy the lightness, comfiness... um, waterproofness and stain-proofness of those lovely rubbery, resinous cayman shoes, we're not sure though. Oh — its got raised inside surfaces to protect device screens, and an adapter so you can use it to store credit cards? Ah yes, we understand now: it's a marketing thing. And yet, cunning Giz reader, what better uses could you put your croc holsters to?

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Available now in black, silver, red, grape, fuchsia, celery (celery? really?), cotton candy and turquoise for around US$14. Don't you go attaching any of those plug-in charm things will you? [Pocket lint]

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