Compressed Air Knife Patent Cranks Up the Killing Power

You would think that knife blade technology had reached its pinnacle a long time ago, but there are still inventors out there bound and determined to re-invent the wheel. Imagine if Crocodile Dundee whipped out a knife that was not only huge, but could also blast compressed air into an open wound—causing massive organ and tissue damage in the process. Now THAT would be a knife. The truth is, inventor Gregory Rondinone has patented this very idea, saying that it would be particularly useful in underwater situations.

The weapon as Rondione envisions it would be best utilized by divers to protect them from aggressive undersea creatures. The device would kill quickly (and spectacularly) plus, the compressed gas would make the carcass more buoyant, so it would most likely float to the surface. The problem is that we all know where this thing would end up if it were ever produced—like the backpack of some kid in a high school. [Patent via Wired via DVICE]

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