Mobile Phone Makers Have No Idea Why We Hate Their Phones

Mobile Phone makers like LG, Moto and Nokia are apparently labouring harder than ever over what we think about their phones (mostly not happy thoughts!). But guess what? Even with this newfound "concern" they still don't get it. Here's a couple of their ridiculous, out-of-touch ideas about how make us happy from a panel at MWC:

One panelist suggested that phone makers tap into consumers' "neural networks", while another said they should understand their subliminal needs.


I actually know what a neural network is. But WTF does it have to do with making a phone that's not crappy? This is all BS business-speak, and talking and thinking like that is why makers put out shitty, unintuitive phones. They should make a phone with how real people use phones in mind.

This "changed world" where "there is more relevance in what other consumers say than what the company is saying" isn't a bad thing, though the article implies that's how the handset makers feel. And as long as they feel that way, they'll keep trying to push crap into people's pockets. [NYT]

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