CCTV Birdbox Concept, Faux Security and Avian Voyeurism In One

The oh-so-cute CCTV nesting box design by Cèline Shenton is a finalist in the concept gadgets competition at the Ideal Home Show in the UK this week. Find out more about it, plus the best of the rest of the 31 finalists after the jump.

Singing Shower (above left)
Designer Debbie MacLennan has taken the classic image of singing into your shower-head during bathtime and made it real. There really is a microphone in there, with integrated speakers in the cubicle, plus pre-recorded backing vocals and songsheets. May become the most fun you can have while naked. Possibly.

Solar Sill (above right)
Paula Denby's design is by no means radical, but it's a clever use of existing tech. Why leave your window sills bare when they're pointing neatly upwards at the sun all the time? Bung on a solar panel and you could charge any number of gadgets inside your house without needing mains power, which is good for your wallet and the environment.

TEMPlate (above left)
Designers Amanda Smith and Sarah Ginn have come up with TEMPlate as a solution to needing oven mitts when you're cooking: their ceramic plate is designed to heat up in the middle and leave the rim and underside cool. No idea how it works, though we're guessing some nifty Space Shuttle tile-like material. Nice idea, useful if you're visually impaired or elderly, we reckon.

CCTV Birdbox (above right)
Cèline Shenton's design adds a little faux-security to your house while also offering a home for nesting birds. It might deter casual thieves, and actually does have a camera inside so that you can watch the chicks hatching. We won't make too much of the "two birds, one stone" saying.

[Ideal Homes Show]

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