Bust Up Bali Belly With Your Own Magic Wand

Bust Up Bali Belly With Your Own Magic Wand

Sure, you could just buy bottled water whenever you travel overseas to avoid the pleasure of spending your holidays bent over the porcelain because you brushed your teeth in the hotel’s bacteria-laden water supply. Or you can go the high-tech route.

The SteriPen JourneyLCD (which doesn’t at all sound like a permanent male contraception device) uses high-frequency ultra-violet light to kill off all those nasty bugs in your water. It can take a little bit of time to clean all the water, but thankfully the device features an LCD screen which comes up with a smiley face when your water is safe to drink.

Costing just US$130, and weighing about 140 grams, the SteriPen isn’t meant to replace filtration – if your water isn’t clear to begin with, the UV light won’t help much. But it does make it easy to ensure that your overseas holiday doesn’t involve a heap of snapshots of you with your pants down, crying like a baby.

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