Broken ATM Doubles Withdrawals (While Supplies Last)

Broken ATM Doubles Withdrawals (While Supplies Last)

It didn’t last long, but we’re surprised it happened at all: An ATM located in northern England was paying out double when users went for the maximum £300 withdrawal, netting £600 in spending cash. Needless to say, everyone who benefitted called their mothers, fathers, cousins and dog sitters, so that the overly generous cash machine was plumb out of bills within hours.

Ever wonder what the legal repercussions would be if this actually happened to you? Says the article:

Police said those who had benefited could face charges but only if the operator complained.

The question is, what exactly would be the nature of the operator’s complaint? Of course, they do have a record of everyone who might have benefitted, so it’s not exactly the perfect crime.

Regardless, you know there are probably dudes in northern England going around taking the max amount out of every other ATM they can find, hoping that the magical malfunction will return. [Reuters]