Brando's Wireless Keyboard has Built-In Touch Pad

So, you're lying about on your sofa, while using your PC to watch a movie; what would be really nice is a wireless keyboard with a built-in touch pad to control playback. Well, thanks to Brando, you can now have it all. The Wireless USB Keyboard with Touch Pad leaves nothing to the imagination, and it comes fully equipped with 11 hot keys, including buttons for quick access to your browser and email, as well as a host of in-built media controls. To save on battery power, you can also set it up to function via USB when your within PC-reaching distance. Brando's wireless input wonder retails at US$57 and is compatible with Windows XP, ME, 2000 and Vista. Note: This much convenience may lead to obesity. [Brando via GeekAlerts]

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