Brando USB Light Show Stick: Wave Your Words in the Air

This may be our favourite Brando gadget: a USB programmable LED message wand. It's got room for a message that's around 85 characters long, and its 32 LEDs mean surprisingly good resolution. It even supports banner-style images, has scrolling effects and an optional blue backlight mode. We reckon it's useful when you'd like to get a message to someone from afar, perhaps at a concert, or for dumping your girlfriend while staying out of slapping range. But that's where our imagination runs out. Suggestions, guys?

Measuring 11 x 1.4 x 0.7 inches, and weighing 0.2 pounds, the gadget takes AA batteries and plays nicely with Windows XP and Vista. Available now for a mere US$22. [Brando]


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