Blu-ray Cannot Contain Metal Gear Solid 4's Awesomeness

The one technical advantage Blu-ray held over HD DVD is that Blu-ray discs hold more stuff, 50GB on a dual-layer disc. But that's still not enough for Metal Gear Solid 4 in all its glory, according to creator Hideo Kojima:

Kojima: For us, we're not still not satisfied with the quality we can do. You know, there's not capacity space.

Interviewer: Wait, wait a sec. Saying there's not enough capacity, are you talking about Blu-ray?

Kojima: That's correct. There's not enough space at all. (laughs) ...There's not enough space. We always talked about where to cut and what to compress.

Just how does one cut and compress pure badassness? And the race to develop a new super-duper HD format [Hatimaki via (and translated by) Kotaku]

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