Bird-Electron EZISON 0 is Chunky Portable Speaker Bliss, Almost

The EZISON 0 speaker has Bird-Electron written all over it; it's pricey, utterly ridiculous and has a design that makes us swoon. Available in white, red, gold, blue or silver aluminium finishes, the EZISON 0 is quite the looker whatever colour you should choose, but we just cannot get our heads around the 7350 Yen (US$73) price tag. After all, a portable speaker that relies on your MP3 player for juice via the 3.5mm jack connection isn't going to pump out the tunes. In fact, standing in at only 73×76×32mm, the EZISON 0 probably sounds just as good as an electron sized bird. (See what I did there with the old semantics? Please, stay seated.) [NewLaunches]

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