Best Hotels Around the World for Geeks, Neo Wannabes

If you are the kind who follows white rabbits, has weird deja vus, pops red pills, and you are planning to go to Sydney, Australia, anytime soon (not necessarily in that order,) the 31-story, 416-room Westin is the best hotel for you. After all, it was the place where the Deja Vu scene from The Matrix was filmed and number 3 of the list of "best geek hotels in the world 2.0," whatever that means:

1. Hotel Sax, Chicago
Sixth floor Studio is a room open for guests from 4pm to midnight which is "powered by Microsoft," meaning it has XBox 360 with the best games, Windows Media Center HDTV and Zunes a go-go.

2. Hotel Avante, Mountain View
Near Google's HQ, the Avante is nothing fancy but includes a bunch of random stuff in every room, like Etch-a-Sketch, a Rubik's cube, a deck of cards, a slinky, tape and scissors. For some reason.

3. Westin, Sydney
Nothing special about this one, except it's a five star and they probably will kick your ass if you try to break into the walls to escape room service's tips.

More geeky hotels at the link. [Hotel Chatter]

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