Backpack Fridge For High Tech Picnic Action

Coolers get the job done, but you have to deal with ice and the fact that the bulky boxes are often awkward to carry. I'm lazy, which means that I want to get my beer from point A to point B as easily as possible (and I'm not willing to ride a Cruzin Cooler to do it.) The "Boxcooler" concept from designer Sebastian Bertram offers a stylish solution with a backpack cooled by refrigeration.

Thermoelectric Peltier elements would replace traditional freezer batteries to keep food fresher, longer and the compact design makes it easy to pack and carry. However, even with a space saving design I don't see much room for all that beer I was talking about earlier—and it would probably be the most expensive picnic basket of all time. On the plus side, check out the exposed thong in the drawing. Nice. [Yanko Design]

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