Averatec 2575 Ultraportable Notebook Holds Its Own Against X300, MBA

Averatec just released the 2575, their new 12.1-inch ultraportable notebook. While the design may be forgettable and Averatec may not be the biggest brand around, they've been making small, cheap notebooks for some time and this model comes through on both counts, at least on paper. The 3.9 pound, $US1099 notebook has a 2.2GHz AMD dual core processor, 250GB HD, and 2GB of RAM. Let's see how it stacks up against two of its big name competitors:

While the Averatec does look good on paper, unless they've radically improved their design and build quality we'd wager more than a few of you would still rather pick up an X300 or Macbook Air. [ecoustics and i4u]

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