AUO's 24-inch, 16:9 LCD Display is World's First Truly "Widescreen" Monitor

College students and people who enjoy watching movies on their computers will enjoy this AU Optronics 24-inch monitor, which is the world's first 16:9 aspect ratio display for your desk. Why would you want something that's 16:9 as opposed to the slightly narrower ratio that traditional "widescreen" desktop monitors have? Because 16:9 is the ratio many HDTV programs and movies are filmed in, and this AU set will get you a native 1080p display. Other details: CCFL-lit display (not LED), 1000:1 contrast ratio, and various different size displays coming soon. Is a 16:9 aspect ratio display worth it just to not have black bars when watching a movie? Probably not unless you're a nut that hates black bars. [Electronista]

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