Asimov's Law Weighing Machines: Scales That Lie

No one likes learning their weight from a set of scales, so Alice Wang's new concept devices take inspiration from Asimov's First Law of Robotics to protect you from the cruel truth. Her three scales are designed to not "harm a human being " (i.e. you) by either requiring another person to read them or just flat-out lying to you. Dieting would never feel the same again.

AsLawScales2.jpgFeel like trusting someone else to be kind about your porkiness? The Half Truth design has a display on the front where you can't see it, leaving it up to someone else to read it and decide what to tell you. Not sure about the "harming a human" rule: this one may be a relationship-strainer.
AsLawScales3.jpgOpen Secrets doesn't have a display at all, instead transmitting data on your current fatness to someone else's mobile phone. You'd never even have to know the exact figure, which may be quite liberating.
AsLawScales4.jpgAnd White Lies is the most devious. The further back on the scales you stand, the lighter you appear, so you can choose how much to let the scales lie to you.

Its nice to see a designer tackling a mundane object like bathroom scales, but I can advocate another weighing tactic to avoid upset: ban scales from your house altogether. Much simpler and cheaper all round. [Alice Wang via Dezeen]

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