Artist Turns Bead Curtains Into Star Trek Works of Art

Bead curtains are like, so 1950's huh? Artist Devorah Sperber doesn't think so. Her amazing Star Trek bead curtains are much more likely to be adorning gallery walls than the front door of your local grocery store. Kind of like pixel-art in 3D, she slides tens of thousands of beads onto threads to create these detailed portraits. Check out the holodeck door, Enterprise-D's bridge, and my favorite: the "beaming down" series, which looks spookily like the "real" special effect.

Deborah must have the kind of patience and concentration skills that I can only dream of to thread so many beads to make these works of art. She also uses stacked coloured cotton reels in her creations, and her portfolio includes re-creations of classical paintings, including the Mona Lisa. But if you want to see her Star Trek works, they're on display in various New York locations including the PULSE NY Art Fair (Booth E13) from March 27th to 30th. [Caren Golden fine art via Gearfuse]


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