Apple Files Patent for Crazy 3D Projector Setup for Some Reason

Apple Files Patent for Crazy 3D Projector Setup for Some Reason

Here’s an unexpected patent from Apple: a system for projecting 3D images. Sure, we’ve seen 3D panels from Sharp and 3D projectors that require glasses, but this is a projector setup that requires no glasses. And this makes sense for Apple why?

Really, it makes zero sense for any consumer products. Apple doesn’t sell projectors, let alone projectors like this that require three objects placed precisely around a room. If they’re really planning on some big crazy 3D computer display, they’re looking very far ahead with this one. You aren’t getting a Mac Pro 3D anytime soon. Sorry.

Perhaps it could be for some really fancy 3D display in stores? You know, letting you fiddle around with some crazy 3D interface? That would certainly help bring people in (like they needed help anyways).

Or, as I like to imagine, it’s for the next generation of Stevenotes. Eventually, Jobs will kick the bucket like all other mere mortals. Rather than hire a successor before his death, instead keynotes will be performed by a holographic version of Jobs. Every Apple product for the next 50 years can be introduced on stage by a sprightly, turtlenecked image of Steve, expertly controlled backstage by his minions.

Or, you know, they’re just patent squatting. You be the judge. [MacNN]