Abracadabra Pneumatic Bookmark Pops To Your Page

I've seen interesting bookmarks before, but none as practical as the pneumatic Abracadabra design concept. It works like this: the two-chambered bookmark—one filled with air—is placed on a page, and when the book is closed the air is pushed to the outside chamber. To open the book, you simply squeeze the exposed chamber, propping it open wide enough to slip a finger in and pick up where you left off.

I've spent enough time looking for crumpled receipts—my usual placeholders—buried deep in books; I want this thing and I want it now. To top it off, it even comes with its own tree-shaped holder to place your entire Abracadabra collection:

Now, do I need this many unused bookmarks? Probably not. But the pot really ties the room together. [Yanko]

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