$5000 Nikon D3 Dropped 15 Feet Onto Concrete, On Camera

One owner of a shiny Nikon D3, US$5000 of flagship DSLR goodness, decided that it was a ripe target for some destructive testing. So, he dropped it 15 feet onto a bricked walkway. Yes, that's not too far off a two-story drop. Onto something damn hard. We found this idea so traumatic, gentle Giz readers, that we've held off showing you the images 'til after the jump.

Why why why? We can only assume the guy's got loads of money and didn't care if the camera burst into a million sad little fragments.

But, no matter how crazy the idea seems, it actually came up with a useful fact: according to the perpetrator himself, the solid construction of the D3 meant that it survived with no problems. You can check out the video on YouTube if you don't believe us. Freaky. [YouTube]

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