World's Largest Wind Turbine Powers 5,000 Homes, is Very Big

This is the Enercon E-126, the world's largest wind turbine that's currently being installed in Germany. This monster generates over 7 Megawatts of juice, which is enough to power about 5,000 four-person households in Europe. It's got an insane 413830-foot wingspan, and it's specially designed to kill as few birds as possible, which was a nice touch.


Seriously, why are they not installing a few hundred of these things in those empty, useless states between the coasts? They have lots of space, they could use it to power cities where things actually get done, thereby contributing to the greater good of the country. Wind power is as renewable as energy gets, so only good would come out of harnessing it to power as many homes as possible. Let's make this happen, Midwest. [Metaefficient via New Launches]

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