White House Home Theatre Reveals Laura Bush's Bordello Tastes

This is what the Prez and his people watch their Chuck Norris movies in: the White House home theater. It's, er, very red, isn't it? The refurb was overseen by Laura Bush in 2004, who was, apparently, inspired by turn-of-the-last century movie palaces. Another shot, plus the magnolia hell that was its previous incarnation, below.

hosl13_white_house.jpgThe wide-ass seats were installed during the Reagan administration.
family-theater-bush.jpgThe former cloakroom (FDR converted it into a theatre in 1942) used to look like this before its revamp. Visitors must have dug that crazy juxtaposition of chintz and magnolia alongside the Bruce Willis movies.

And what speakers do POTUS and the gang get their movies piped through? Massachusetts firm Snell provides the sound. [Architectural Digest via audiojunkies and Home Theater]

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