Weird Plasma Thingamachine Creates the Sleekest iPhone Ever

Paul Knight uses this weird machine to change the appearance of iPhones and iPods into spy plane black titanium nitride-coated machines, which are quite more beautiful than the originals. It uses "plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition" to modify the nature of the surfaces, a complex chemical process used to coat objects like luxury watches, drill bits or aircraft blades. The finished gadgets are simply stunning.



Paul's iPhone Custom has a gold TiN Apple logo and a black TiAIN black front covering a variant of the TiN process described below. The back covers are replaced with black anodised aluminium to eliminate the contrast between the antenna cover and the usual silver coloured backing. Another project involved a more minimalist black logo. Either way, they look stunning.


TiN is applied using a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition tool. There is a block of titanium placed into a mahoosive machine similar to the one you saw above, nitrogen gas is flowed in, plasma is formed, things get ridiculously fast, atoms get embroiled in a turf war and fallen atoms end up providing the basis for the amazing coating. What does that mean? We have no idea; we were paraphrasing, my limited education only got me so far in high school. Fortunately, we know a spanking gorgeous iPhone when we see pictures of it, and the iPhone Custom is the best example we have seen to date. No figures were thrown about, but the mods were said to cost "a lot of $," which pretty much means we cannot afford it. We still want. We really, really, really want. Oh, our want hurts so bad. [Gigapascal via gen[m] ay]

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