Washing Machine Makes Your Assault Rifles Sparkle

So you have hoarded thousands of guns in a homemade bunker for that inevitable moment when WWIII comes knocking at your door. That's all well and good, but how do you keep such an impressive arsenal clean? The answer is the F636HT Heavy Duty Long Gun & Handgun System. This bad boy clean up to 10 handguns or 4 long guns simultaneously—which is a big time saver.

Plus, the F636HT features a generator that can heat and treat your guns on the go—and the included solution is good can clean up to 1000 guns. Unfortunately, it won't make your guns softer and gentler to the touch nor will it leave your weapons with a fresh lavender scent. Oh, and it costs a whopping US$7100. [Sonics Online via Ballerhouse via Uberreview]

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