K-Rudd to Take On Pirates, May Believe Himself To Be A Ninja

K-Rudd to Take On Pirates, May Believe Himself To Be A Ninja

krudd piracy.jpgIt looks like the K-Rudd express just keeps on rolling. Not content to sit back after uniting most of the country for Sorry Day last week, the Prime Minister is now looking to mobilise the government to tackle illegal internet downloads.

The Sun Herald reported over the weekend that “the Government will examine new legislative proposals being unveiled in Britain this week to target people who download films and music illegally. Internet Service Providers there might be legally required to take action against users who access pirated material.”

Unlike the RIAA’s stance of suing the hell out of any sucker that gets caught sharing music online, the proposed legislation takes a much more sensible approach to pirates with a three strikes policy, involving a warning for a first offence, a suspension of internet access for a second offence and a third offence would cancel the offenders internet access permanently.

But I still can’t say that I’m going to delete my bittorrent client. For me personally, I don’t download music or movies, but I find it extremely useful to catch up on TV shows that I either miss because I forgot to set the timer on the PVR or because the TV networks run over time / stuff around with the schedule / decide to cancel a show I’m watching.

And let’s face it – there is no online alternative for movies or TV shows in Australia. If the Government really wants to enforce anti-piracy measures, they also need to legislate for the networks / movie studios to stop being greedy dicks and offer their content online for a reasonable price. Which, as you and I know, is never going to happen.

What do you think? Is this a good move, or is the Government dabbling in stuff that shouldn’t concern them?

[SMH – Thanks Alan!]