The Street Says Mac Users are Pretentious Assholes, PC Users are Cheapskates

The Street is running a new video that cites research from Mindset Media, which pretty much says Mac users are assholes. Okay, they used the term "snobs," but that was far too offensive to use in the title for this article. Mindset Media surveyed 7500 Mac and PC owners, and what they found seems believable, (we would have worded it differently.) Apparently, Mac boys 'n' girls are more likely to use teeth whitening products, notebooks over desktop computers, drive station wagons, pay for downloaded music, frequent Starbucks and have a greater environmental conscious. Sufficed to say, Mac users are largely douchebag-like in character. Douchebags that are reported to have purchased five pairs of sneakers in the last year, but douchebags nonetheless. Checkout the video after the jump; it's priceless. [The Street via TUAW]

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